We need to semantically study the word “Delivery” and meaning surrounding it before we can start to work on problems relating to “Ownership” when working in big organisations and within teams.

As it stand, these words get thrown around as if they are mere buzzwords, to fill team building workshops.

I have been thinking about the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment for the past weeks. If you have no idea what I am talking about, please give yourself time; go and watch many videos available on youtube.

Observations made through this experiment has huge implications on how we perceive the…

In early stages in evolution of complex emergent systems, such as life on earth, the competition is at its highest.

We can observe that all life on earth branches out from the same genetically encoded core system. As we further branch out in the tree of life, variety of types…

This is a draft article idea

Write down experiences building example code packages for developers.

Avoid encapsulations, recursions or any code complexity redundant to the set of relevant calls. Unless product of a call requires such an operation, and relevant for developers to know.

1 — The distinction, before and after the moment activism becomes an action.

2 — Unbounded liberty of the inactive demagogue (Klavye delikanlılığı)

3 — Societal impact when one imposes ideas of this unbounded liberty onto others.

4 — Heavily digital lives in cyberspace

5 — Heavy emphasis on making a statement to exist

6 — What does this mean for the future?

#Draft though piece — first of dichotomies series…

Living animals are as complex as fragile inside their physical bodies. Humans as one such animal, has even more complexity in their psychological realm. This has a parallel with fragility of human body, reflected in the psychological space of human mind.

Personal thought reference note : glass analogy, joints, fear of biological fragility/mortality

This is a draft thought piece left to bake. I will finish it when I feel it is ready. Feel free to reach out for collaboration, co-writing or about any spark of thoughts.

Suphi Evrakzade

“Çok thomas’lar gördüm, mahmut çıktılar” Aşık Mahsuni Herif

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